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Howest, University College West Flanders

Kortrijk & Brugge, West Flanders, Belgium

Howest University College West Flanders is one of the leading providers of higher education in Belgium. Its New Media Department offers four creative bachelor programs ranging from product design to 3D game development.

  • The New Media and Communication Technology (NMCT) program debuted as an all-around IT program and was the first to offer web design and development classes in Belgium.
  • Industrial Product Design (IPO) is a hands-on program based on four pillars: engineering innovative products, materials and technology, flexible production, and visualization and presentation.
  • Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) is Howest’s response to the booming gaming industry. Arts Skills, 3D Computers Arts, Programming, Game Sciences and Visual Effects are the key competencies of these future technical artists.
  • Devine (Digital Design and Development) focuses on training designers with technical skills and developers with design skills. The combination of those two skill sets makes Devine a unique program in Belgium.
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