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San Francisco State University

San Francisco, California, USA

The Multimedia Studies Program, commonly referred to as MSP, founded by Robert Bell in the summer of 1992 and has grown at an astonishing pace to become one of the most comprehensive digital media training centers in the country.

Since 1992 the program has been committed to providing state-of-the-art production facilities for students to meet the demands of new applications and delivery platforms. The MSP has been actively developing partnerships with leading developers of new media technologies to assure that the program remains as a vital force in professional education and technology training in SF Bay Area.

Currently the MSP offers two prominent certificate programs; Digital Video Intensive and Multimedia Studies Program along with mini intensive certificates to meet SF Bay Area professionals’ needs.

Collaborating with leading industry partners, the MSP proudly continues to bring advanced digital media training into every community and gratefully acknowledges the 21 years of support and partnership of ADOBE Inc.

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