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The Adobe PBD CollabCollective

by Leona Guidace
The Adobe Partners By Design program connects the world’s leading art, design and film schools with one another to foster inspired collaboration and conversation.

Adobe PBD

Students in the Adobe Partners by Design community recently participated in a creative project sure to challenge and inspire. Through the Adobe Partners by Design program, students from three countries including Australia, Netherlands, and the United States collaborated on a single finished piece.

Each participating group of students were invited to contribute their example of creative exploration in tandem. Students created their segment, then secretly shared only their single final frame with the following group of students. The last frame from one group of students, served as the following institution’s inspirational starting point. The students continued to experiment through the school year, until all segments were linked together to create the video.

Adobe is proud to foster global collaborations among students and educators. The project was welcomed by professors as a way to engage students in small groups, while providing an experimental and globally creative process. Participating Professor Penny Ann Dolin added the project to ASU’s Advanced Video class, to allow for more student involvement. Professor Suzanne Johnson of Full Sail University also commented on the project’s creative versatility, “The project has the possibility of attracting students from all over campus.”

Advising professors and students:

  • Full Sail, Florida; led by Professors Suzanne M Johnson, Eric Rosenfeld, Mac Rutan, and Dan Walker
    Students: Catrina Cruz, Dmitry Fedorov, Seth Lewis, Giancarlo Montano, Shari Nunez, Madison Rowe, Christine Soto, Matthew Taylor
  • Swinburne University of Technology School of Design, Australia; led by Professor James Berrett
    Student: Sam Mularczyk
  • Savannah College of Design, Georgia; led by Professor Austin Shaw
    Students: Jackie Doan, Chase Hochstatter, Hyemin Lee, Scottie Lim, Madeline Miller, Eddy Nieto
  • Arizona State University Graphic Information Technology; led by Professor Penny Ann Dolin and Professor Laurie Ralston
    Students: Dan Cronin, Briana del Bianco, Alisha Gudz, Chris Halkovic, Jared Mosher, Kyle Myers, Kyle Pendley, Jacob Phillips, Michael Ruiz, Sheetal Sohoni, Katelyn Steffen
  • SintLucas, Netherlands; led by Professors Ronald den Bekker and Pierre van der Sanden
    Student: Pim Harding
  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Netherlands; led by Professor Rutger Verspeek
    Student: Yara Henning

Adobe congratulates the participating students and professors for their inspiring example of creative collaboration. We look forward to sharing more unique projects led by the Partners by Design community members in 2016.

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