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Video - The Adobe PBD CollabCollective

by Leona Guidace
The Adobe Partners By Design program connects the world’s leading art, design and film schools with one another to foster inspired collaboration and conversation.

Adobe PBD

The Adobe Partners By Design community is proud to announce the first PBD CollabCollective project, demonstrating the Adobe’s commitment to offering educators and students opportunities for global collaboration and creative exploration.

Through the Adobe Partners By Design program, students were invited to collaborate on a single project, inspired by the Exquisite Corpse surrealist movement.
Each contributing institution was invited to add to the project in sequence. Students were provided with only a single frame from the previous campus, as their starting inspiration.

Participating student, Souma Kasuganti of ASU Herberger Institute, commented,
“The format of the video allowed for a lot of freedom, since we had only one visual to work with. The first and last frames were, of course, major factors in the creative decision making. The first frame set the mood for the visuals. Since the last frame was to be passed on, we decided that it needed to be ambiguous. With the absence of too many constraints, we let the video develop as it went along. This underlying message, to us, is a vision for a greener future.”

Participating institutions and advising professors*:

  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Netherlands; led by Matthijs Clasener and Jochum Van Hassel
  • Art Center College of Design, California; led by Ko Maruyama
  • Savannah College of Design, Georgia; led by Austin Shaw
  • SintLucas, Netherlands; led by Ronald den Bekker
  • Arizona State University Herberger Institute, Phoenix; led by Mookesh Patel
  • Arizona State University, Graphic Information Technology Program, led by Penny Ann Dolin and Laurie Ralston

*Listed in order of appearance in video.

Adobe congratulates the participating students and professors for a successful and exciting global collaboration. We look forward to more creative opportunities, as we plan for the 2015 CollabCollective project to begin in the fall.

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